10 Items For Your Urban Bug Out Bag

Survival in an urban environment may be a little different than a rural one. For starters, urban environments provide ample opportunities to scavenge and potentially survive inside an abandoned structure. Therefore, shelter is less of a concern for an urban survival kit than a true bug out bag. Your urban survival kit may contain different items than a protrude bag. Here are a few ideas for some different items to include. Note that you simply will still want to pack basic items like bedding, a primary aid kit, food and eating utensils, and a knife.

1. Mace

Unfortunately, if you’re during a survival situation it’s possible that there’ll be people out there who want your stuff and who will hurt you to urge it. Having a canister of mace handy may buy you the time needed to urge at one among your weapons in an emergency.

2. Crowbar

Whether you would like to smash through a window or pry open a door, a crowbar may be a necessary survival item in an urban environment. Versatile and straightforward to stash in your backpack, this is often one item definitely worth bringing.

3. Can Opener

If you’re surviving in an urban environment, you’ll end up eating tons of canned goods– either ones you had stored reception or ones you found. Either way, a tin opener will are available handy.

4. Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are handy and useful for obtaining access to a fenced-in area. While trespassing isn’t recommended, all bets could also be off during a true survival situation. Wire cutters can also be wont to cut rope or other thin material for bushcrafting.

5. Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets could also be useful once you find a water source but you are not sure if it’s safe to drink. Simply add tablets consistent with the directions on the packaging and you will have a clean beverage .

6. Face Mask Or Gas Mask

If you’re during a situation where toxic debris is within the air, a mask can help protect your lungs. A gas mask could also be the simplest option, although that does take up more room in your survival kit. It’s worthwhile to possess one, though, just in case you would like it.

7. Water Keys

Water keys assist you gain access to commercial or residential water in an emergency situation. This may help within the days after a natural disaster or another emergency when beverage is scarce.

8. Portable Solar Panel

A Portable solar array is often wont to Charge Your Phone, Flashlights, And the other Rechargeable Electronics you’ll Need. The Solar Panels Are Lightweight And Thin also , Making Them Easy To Pack And Transport.

9. Emergency radio

If communications haven’t been knocked out or are restored, a radio can help keep you updated within the event of an emergency. It’s a good idea to have one that is battery operated or solar charged.

10. Ax

An ax is beneficial for therefore many things during a survival situation. Chopping wood, lowering doors, or as a weapon, an ax is worth packing in your urban survival kit. It doesn’t need to be full size, either. A small backpacker’s ax is sufficient.

Wrap Up

These ten items alone aren’t enough for an urban survival kit– you continue to need the fundamentals . A well-stocked survival kit will have you ever prepared for any emergency.