10 Items to Pack in Your Dog’s Bug Out Bag

It’s tough to believe leaving man’s ally behind within the event of an emergency. A well-trained dog could also be ready to continue with you as you hunt down safety, and there are many advantages to having one with you. They provide companionship, warmth on cold nights, and an outsized dog offers a degree of protection.

If you would like to require Fido with you, he’ll need his own protrude bag. So what do you need to pack?

1. Saddle Bag

Your dog goes to possess to hold its own weight here. A saddle bag will help distribute that weight evenly on all sides of the dog. Choose one that’s waterproof, or bring plastic bags to assist protect the compartments if it starts to rain.

2. Freeze Dried Dog Food

Just as your protrude bag contains food for 72 hours, your dog’s should, too. Freeze dried pet

food weighs less and takes up less space than a can or traditional dry food. Look for a sort that’s geared towards sensitive stomachs if it is a brand your dog isn’t wont to.

3. Blanket

A pet blanket may just do the trick to keep your dog warm if he gets cold. It also can be folded up and used as a bed. Pick a blanket that’s lightweight and straightforward to fold down into your dog’s saddle bag.

4. Backpacker’s Bowl

Backpacker’s bowls are lightweight and sometimes collapsible, making them easy to store in your dog’s saddle bag. You’ll want to bring a minimum of two (one for food and one for water), also as a touch soap for cleaning them in between uses.

5. Extra Leash

An extra leash is vital just in case something happens to the primary one. The leash should be made out of durable material, not one among the skinny collapsable leads.

6. Water Purification Tablets.

Water purification tablets can help purify your dog’s water to form it safe to drink. A portable water filter also works. You may want to bring a couple of bottles of water in your dog’s saddle bag, but you’ll likely need to limit what proportion you bring as water is heavy. Some method of purifying water is important to make sure your dog has continued access to wash beverages.

7. Dog Tags And Collar

You must always carry a back-up set of dog tags and a collar. This should include your name, telephone number , and any relevant vaccination information. If your dog’s original tag or collar are compromised, put the rear abreast of your dog as soon as possible.

8. Medicines

Your dog needs flea and tick medicine, its monthly dosage of heartworm medication, and the other specialized medication (such as insulin) it takes regularly. Pack a minimum of a 3 day supply, more if you’ve got room for it.

9. Treats

It’s important to possess a number of the comforts of home– in any case , your dog likely doesn’t understand that it’s during a survival situation. Treats are a great way to keep your dog calm and obedient.

10. Familiar Toy Or Article Of Clothing

Preferably something with your scent. By bringing a bit of home with you, your dog are going to be easier in an unfamiliar location. A toy may be a great choice because even during a survival situation play is vital for your dog.

Wrap Up

Your dog is often an asset during a survival situation, especially if you’re prepared. A well-stocked doggy protrude bag can keep your dog safe in an emergency.