6 Best Keychains for Self-Defense

When you got to protect yourself during a hurry, sometimes all you’ve got accessible are your car keys. Don’t waste precious seconds trying to dig out your knife. Instead, reach for your self-defense key chain. These are designed to be discreet and straightforward to urge to within the event of an attacker.
As always, be mindful of local laws before purchasing any quite self-defense weapon. for instance , if you’re in a neighborhood that bans the acquisition of mace, you almost certainly wouldn’t want to urge yourself the mace keychain written about here. However, there are enough options listed that a minimum of one should work for you.

Yogo Self Defense Keychain

The Yogo Self Defense Keychain looks quite sort of a massage baller. To use the Yogo, place the keychain in your hand around your pointer finger. The ends of the keychain should stick up between your thumb and pointer finger, and between your pointer and middle fingers. This makes any self-defense move like hitting even simpler . The device also can be wont to break glass an emergency situation.

SOG Key Knife Folding Knife

The SOG Key Knife Folding Knife may be a clever keychain– it is a knife disguised to seem sort of a key. The 1 ½ inch blade folds in an out easily, making this an excellent option for self-defense. The SOG Key Knife Folding Knife costs under $10, and blends in perfectly with the opposite keys on your keychain.

Kubaton Duuty Self-Defense Keychain

The Kubaton Duuty Self-Defense Keychain is 5 ½ inches of solid protection. This lightweight keychain resembles a Christmas tree ornament, however when handled correctly this is often a particularly effective self-defense weapon. Hold the Duuty Self-Defense Keychain in your hand during an attack and it are often used as either a stabbing device or a blunt object to form your punches land even harder.

Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force

The Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force Keychain looks unassuming enough. it is a thin ingot with two thin metal spikes protruding of the side. To use the keychain, hold the bar in your hand with the spikes sandwiching your finger . It doesn’t take too strong of an imagination to imagine what this could be used for. If you’re worried that your normal punch isn’t strong enough, the Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force Keychain could also be what you would like .

SABRE aerosol Keychain

The SABRE aerosol Keychain is meant for simple use and effectiveness. this is often simply alittle canister of aerosol that matches comfortably within the palm of your hand. within the event of an attacker, quickly slide open the spray valve, point the canister within the direction of your attacker, and spray. this may hopefully buy you adequate time to run away or a minimum of dig out your other weapon. If mace is legal in your area, this is often an honest keychain to think about .

Vipertek VTS

If stun guns are legal in your area, this is often the keychain you would like . The Viperterk VTS packs the punch of a full-size stun baton into something so small it can fit on your keychain. A jolt of electricity from the Vipertek VTS could buy you the time you would like to flee a nasty situation.

Wrap Up

No one wants to seek out themselves during a situation where any of those keychains are necessary, but it is best to remain prepared. an honest self-defense keychain is your first line of defense within the event of an attack.


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