Batons – A Quick Guide to Self Defense

Self-defense batons may be a strong addition to your bug out bag. It’s a non-lethal weapon that is portable and will certainly make an impact in the right hands. Batons may not appear to be a particularly effective weapon but an unexpected strike will certainly be an instant retreat.

It is not without any reason that riot squads, worldwide, carry a baton for defense purposes. Most situations simply don’t warrant the use of a deadly weapon. 

Strike with a baton will not cause the same damage as a bullet or knife wound. A strong baton is an excellent deterrent to keep in your survival kit.

Varieties of Baton

Baton comes in two varieties. They can either be collapsible or non-collapsible.

Collapsible Baton

The collapsible baton has the benefit of stealth. They are simple to store and hide and will give an opportunity to use your negotiating skills while knowing you have a backup if required. Also, You can fold and attach it to your belt loop.

Non-collapsible Batons

Non-collapsible batons are not as easy to carry and conceal. However, a solid single piece will always be more durable than a folding item because they have fewer weak points. Here are few examples:

1. Hardcore hammers hickory stick

It’s a strong and durable non-collapsible self-defense baton. It is generally used as a tire checker, designed to whack the tires of the truck to see if there’s a flat anywhere. It comes with a lanyard so that you can attach it to your wrist for extra security.

The hickory stick is made of big and a strong piece of wood. It also has a bit of weight behind it, a little less than 10 ounces. At around $17, it’s good value for money. If you are looking for a non-collapsible baton then this one is good.

2. ASP 16” Federal Expandable Friction Lock Baton

This is a 16-inch tactical defense baton. When you might be needing it for your self-protection the baton locks into place with a simple flick of your wrist. The Federal is manufactured from the very best materials and is designed with strength and potency. You can get the expandable baton for around $160.

3. Streetwise barbarian LED Stun Gun Baton

For those looking for a more serious self-defense option( providing it is a legal device in your area), the Streetwise BarbarianLED Stun Gun might be what you are looking for. The batons include an in-built stun gun to deter even dangerous attackers. The price is just $50. It is the mid-range choice for your defense arsenal.

4. Smith & Wesson Self Defense Baton

You have probably heard of Smith & Wesson while being very well known for the manufacture of excellent firearms and also has a wide range of self-defense batons. Their collapsible baton is a simple and efficient design and may be worth checking out. Priced at $45, it certainly justifies a look.

5. Cold Steel Axe Head Cane

The Cold Steel Axe Head Cane is a baton disguised as a walking cane. Though it looks the same as a walking cane. These batons pack serious clout in the right hands. Weighing in under 2 pounds and priced at around 40 bucks, it could be a nice lightweight baton choice for your defense. Especially if you are going to do some hiking.

Wrap Up

A sturdy baton is a definite self-defense choice you may want to consider adding to your emergency survival kit. Self-defense batons offer a lightweight and most likely non-lethal method of self-protection in a survival scenario and could be an excellent addition to your bug-out bag.