7 Essential Wilderness Survival Skills for Your Kid

Are you planning to go camping in the wild with your kids? Or are you planning to teach your kids how to survive in the wild when they go camping? If your answer to the above questions is a yes then you are at the right place. In this article, we have covered 7 essential wilderness survival skills kids to learn. 

But wait, there’s more to it,  a small surprise to your kid from our side. In this article, along with wilderness survival skills, we have also provided 4 outdoor survival skills, and 3 basic survival skills list for kids. Make sure to read the article till the end and help your kid learn how to survive in the wild. 

Wilderness survival skills are essential for anyone who spends time in the wilderness. Whether you’re a camper, hiker, or nature enthusiast, it’s important to be prepared for any situation that may arise. In this article, we will discuss seven essential wilderness survival skills that everyone should know.

What Are 7 Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Kids Should Know?

Teaching your kid wilderness survival skills is an important topic because it can help kids survive if they get lost in the wilderness. It is important for kids to learn these skills so that they can be safe if they are ever in a situation where they need to use them.

Furthermore, wilderness survival skills are key for any child who loves spending time outdoors. 

Here are 7 essential wilderness survival skills every kid should know”

Building a Shelter

An important wilderness survival skill that kids need to learn is how to build a shelter. Building a shelter is an interesting thing to do and kids will surely love doing it. 

There are many kinds of shelters that survivors use in the wild, but the most common form of shelter that they use is the tent, and it will also be good for kids in order to use it as a shelter. It’s not very expensive and easy to set up.

Kids can also learn this skill by going on hikes with adults who know how to build a shelter in the wilderness. 

Finding Food and Water

One important wilderness survival skill is knowing how to find food and water

First off, let’s talk about food. The first thing that your kid needs to have when they are going into the wilderness is food. There are a few different ways to get food, but the best way is to find wild foods. If kids don’t know where to look for them, then they can always ask someone who does.

Another important thing that kids need is water. When they are in the wilderness, they won’t always be near a body of water. It will be good to teach your kids how to find water in the wilderness and how to make water pure (drinkable). You can also purchase and provide them with a portable water purifier. They are easily available in supermarkets, or you can also purchase one online through amazon

Starting a Fire

If your kid is going into the wilderness for longer than a day, they need a way to keep themselves warm. A good way to do this is to build a fire. 

Unlike others, kids may find it difficult to start a fire using wood and tree branches, so for kids, it will be best to use a portable stove. The great thing about a stove is that it doesn’t take up much space and is easy to start a fire and also easy to turn the fire off. 

Making and Using First Aid

The next wilderness survival skill that kids should learn is first aid. This can be done by taking a first aid class, watching some youtube videos, or reading a book about wilderness first aid. However, it is also your duty to teach your kids each and everything about first aid. Especially on how to use first aid and how to make a first aid later on. 

Using Navigation

A fifth wilderness survival skill that kids need to learn is how to navigate. Once you’ve gathered all of these things together for your kids, you’ll need to make sure that you provide them with a map and a compass. You can buy this at a local outdoor store, or you can use one that you already have.

Avoid Dangerous Animals

A sixth wilderness survival skill that kids need to learn is how to avoid dangerous animals. If you’re planning on spending more than one night in the wilderness, you’ll need some kind of protection from animals. There are several different types of animal protection devices that you can use.

Signal For Help

A seventh wilderness survival skill that kids need to learn is how to signal for help. When lost or in danger, knowing how to signal for help is an essential wilderness survival skill. There are several ways to signal for help. Here are 3 crucial ways to signal for asking help: 

Making Noise

One way to signal for help is to make noise. This can be done by shouting, singing, or banging on a pot.

Using a Whistle

Another way to signal for help is to use a whistle. This can be done by blowing on a whistle or blowing into a cupped hand.

Using a Signal Mirror

A third way to signal for help is to use a signal mirror. This can be done by reflecting sunlight from the mirror onto a nearby object.

Signaling for help is an important wilderness survival skill that every kid should learn. By learning how to make noise, use a whistle, and use a signal mirror, kids will be better prepared to survive in the wilderness.

There you have it! These are the 7 essential wilderness survival skills that your kid needs to know before they go out into the wilderness. Make sure that your kids get everything that they need so that they can have an enjoyable experience

What Are the 4 Outdoor Survival Skills Kids Should Know?

While wilderness survival skills are key, outdoor survival skills are also important and should not be neglected. Learning how to stay safe and find a way back home if your kids get lost are both crucial outdoor survival skills. 

Some outdoor survival skills every kid should know include:

How to Find Your Way Home if You Get Lost

Wilderness survival skills kids can use to find their way home if they get lost. These include orienteering with a map and compass, using landmarks to navigate, and reading natural features to find your way. If you’re lost, it’s best to stay put and wait for rescue. But if your kids need to move, these skills will help them find their way back home.

What to Do if They Encounter a Wild Animal

During wilderness survival, skills kids may encounter all sorts of animals in the wild. Some of them may be cute and harmless, but others can be dangerous. It’s important to know how to stay safe around animals, both big and small.

If your kids see a wild animal, they should stay calm and don’t run. Back away slowly and make themselves as small as possible.

Avoid making eye contact, as this may agitate the animal. If the animal is acting aggressively, make loud noises and try to scare it off. And if all else fails, remember to teach them how to fight back – even a small child can fend off an attacker with kicks and punches.

How to Cross a River or Stream Safely

One of the things your kids need to learn is how to cross a river or stream safely. This can be tricky, especially if the water is moving fast. Here are a few tips:

  • Never try to cross a river or stream that’s too wide or deep.
  • Look for a safe place to cross, such as a shallow spot or a bridge. 
  • If there’s no safe way to cross, they may need to build a raft or use a rope to help themselves get across.
  • Always wear proper footwear when crossing – no flip-flops or Crocs!
  • Be careful of slippery rocks and currents.

How to Hike Safely

When you’re wilderness survival skills kids, it’s important to know how to hike safely. Here are a few tips:

  • Stay on the trail. If your kid gets lost in the wild, it’s much harder to find the way back if they’re not following the marked path.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks, and be sure to rest often.
  • Wear proper footwear and clothing. comfortable shoes, layered clothing, and a hat are all essential.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. This includes looking out for wildlife, being aware of the terrain, and being cautious of cliffs and other drop-offs.
  • Don’t hike alone. It’s always best to go with a friend or two.

3 Basic Survival Skills List for Kids

Every kid should know some basic survival skills, like how to build a shelter, find food and water, and start a fire. But there are other survival skills that can be helpful in a wilderness or outdoor situation. Here is a basic survival skills list for kids:

Making Rope

Making rope is an essential wilderness survival skill. You can use a rope to build shelter, make a fishing net, or create a trap. It’s also useful for tying people or things together.

To make rope, you’ll need some kind of fibrous material. This could be natural materials like plant fibers, animal hair, or sinew. Or you could use man-made materials like string, yarn, or even strips of cloth.

Once you have your material, you’ll need to twist it into a rope. This can be done by hand or with a tool like a stick or a branch. The more twists you can get into the rope, the stronger it will get

Cook Over Fire

Cooking over a fire is an essential wilderness survival skill. Not only does it help you to stay warm and fed, but it also provides a way to sterilize water and cook food.

There are many different ways to cook over a fire. You can use a pot or a pan, or you can use a stick to roast food.

Whatever method you choose, make sure that you have a good fire going before you start cooking. The flames should be high enough to reach the pot or pan, and the coals should be red hot.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on the food as it cooks, so it doesn’t burn. And be careful not to touch the hot pot or pan, as you could get burned.


Fishing is a common way to obtain food in the wilderness. It’s a skill that can be learned relatively easily, and it’s a great way to catch dinner without having to kill an animal.

There are many different types of fishing gear that you can use, but the most basic is a rod and reel. You can make your own rod and reel by fashioning a pole out of a stick and using string for the line.

Once you have your gear, you’ll need to find a good spot to fish. Look for areas where there are lots of fish, such as near a dam or in a river. You can also use bait to attract fish to your hook.

Wilderness survival skills kids are important for safety and can help in a wilderness or outdoor situation. Hiking safely is essential, as well as knowing how to make rope, cook over a fire, and fish. Every kid should know some basic survival skills in case they ever find themselves lost or stranded outdoors.

Resource List for Learning Wilderness and Outdoor Survival Skills for Kids

There are many different places to learn wilderness skills. Some examples are books, the internet, and outdoor schools. 

The wilderness can be a scary place, but with the proper knowledge and preparation, it can also be a great place to explore. Wilderness survival skills for kids can be extremely important in order to ensure safety when exploring the great outdoors.

These wilderness survival skills for kids are just the beginning of what your child needs to know in order to safely enjoy the outdoors. By knowing a few basic tips, your child can have the necessary tools to build shelter, find food and water, start a fire, and more.

Be sure to discuss these wilderness survival skills with your child, and practice them together often. Your child can have a great time in the wilderness with the proper preparation.

By learning these wilderness survival skills for kids, your child will be one step closer to being prepared for anything the wilderness throws their way. With a little preparation, your family can enjoy many safe and fun wilderness adventures together.

Thanks for reading! I hope this article was helpful in teaching you some wilderness survival skills for kids.